Day Seven

Hi !!!

Just had the best day of the tour so far. The morning was spent at the Ghibli museum. It was so funny to see all our ‘grown up’ teenagers revert to little children!!! Amazing place and lots of money was spent by all.

Made a change to the schedule based on local knowledge and decided to go to Odaiba instead of the Tokyo Skytree. Odaiba was a visual spectacular with lights, sounds, great food and lots to see and do. Would have loved to have spent even more time there but some of the tourists were getting a bit tired so we had to leave. Based on the amount of shopping bags they were carrying, I’d say there are going to be quote a few ‘overloaded’ bags coming back!!!!

Had an interesting experience on the way back (the famous Tokyo train squash) which resulted in four students being left on the platform as they wouldn’t pack in!! Credit to these students for following tour safety protocol and waiting for a staff member to come get them 5 minutes later!!! The bright yellow tops are paying dividends!!!

Snow portion starts tomorrow. Hopefully things go smoothly with the trains and the weather!!!

Day Six

We’re in the big smoke!!! The bullet train to Tokyo was amazing as we finally managed to get up to full speed. Getting to the hotel was an adventure as my memory isn’t as good as it used to be but we made it!! After check in, we went into Akihabara and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves -at least lots of money on gifts appears to have been spent!

Speaking of money, some tourists seem to be struggling with the concept of budgeting eyc so can you please check up with your child as to how they are travelling as what they tell us may be different to what they say to you if asked!! 

My other concern (linked to $$) is that kids are not looking after themselves food wise. Ive already lent money to some to buy food as they are spending it on stuff!!
Good and drink choices throughout the day are also an issue for some so any help from home via a message to your child would be a great help as some of the students are starting to look really tired and I think it’s linked to not drinking water and eating well (we nag but it’s in one ear and out the other!)

All still alive and seem to be having fun so that’s the main thing !!!

Day Five

Miyajima island visit. Caught a local train and ferry to get there but so worth it. The tide was out so we could walk right out to the gate to have a look. Was also very lucky to watch an entire Shinto wedding in the temple! I think the highlight though for most was the food on the island!

Just got from dinner a little while back and i hope everyone is now packing for a 7:30 checkout to Tokyo!!! (Hint hint to those who get this status update notice)

Day Four

Bullet train today to Hiroshima to visit the Peace Museum so hopefully it will be enjoyable for those whose ‘tourist glasses’ have not focused yet!!!


The ‘big’ day on our schedule-bullet train and the Hiroshima Peace Museum. The kids were amazing. So respectful and so willing to ‘learn’ ( the teacher in me was so happy). I think everyone got something from the visit as all were taking about it when we got out. If you quiz your child when they get home, please ask them about the Museum. Went out for Okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes) and wandered through downtown Hiroshima. I must apologise in advance but I introduced the tourists to Daiso (100 yen/$1 store) and there are three in Sydney so you may get requests to go!!!

Your children were awesome today and I am so proud of them as you should be to!!!!!!

Now if I can only stop waking at 5 am local time , all will be good!!!!

We’re here!’

Typing this up at 5:45 as I’m still on Aussie time body wise. Finally arrived in kyoto late last night to much excitement from the kids ( and staff). Kyoto is just how I remember it and then some. I’m genuinely so psyched to be here.

Siting here typing this up and it’s so quiet accept for of sound of rain !!!


Our first Lawsons!!

Canon - Canon PowerShot G9 - 2013-12-09 22-31-01


Waiting at Cairns


The waiting game

Waiting now at Cairns International. Took about 40 minutes to check in. Heaps of Japanese returning home including what appeared to be 3 school groups

Wow…less than a week to go!

We fly out next Monday at 6 am in morning….I can’t believe it!

Picked up the tour hoodies today….they certainly are yellow!



Not that I can’t wait or anything!!!