Day Seven

Hi !!!

Just had the best day of the tour so far. The morning was spent at the Ghibli museum. It was so funny to see all our ‘grown up’ teenagers revert to little children!!! Amazing place and lots of money was spent by all.

Made a change to the schedule based on local knowledge and decided to go to Odaiba instead of the Tokyo Skytree. Odaiba was a visual spectacular with lights, sounds, great food and lots to see and do. Would have loved to have spent even more time there but some of the tourists were getting a bit tired so we had to leave. Based on the amount of shopping bags they were carrying, I’d say there are going to be quote a few ‘overloaded’ bags coming back!!!!

Had an interesting experience on the way back (the famous Tokyo train squash) which resulted in four students being left on the platform as they wouldn’t pack in!! Credit to these students for following tour safety protocol and waiting for a staff member to come get them 5 minutes later!!! The bright yellow tops are paying dividends!!!

Snow portion starts tomorrow. Hopefully things go smoothly with the trains and the weather!!!


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