Perfect Grade Zaku II

My new project for the new year….yes, Ive started a few days early!!

This kits been sitting in my pile as my 'achilles heal' as it is my 'scares the shit out of me' kit ie its a Perfect Grade kit which Ive never done and its a special finish!!


The Head

Beautiful detail on this. 
Everything moves/is articulated including the top of the head which opens up to reveal some of the inner workings

Inner frame- Head


Inner frame- Head

And the completed head……



2012 Models


2012 Models, a set on Flickr.

Thought I would do a round up of the plastic Ive destroyed this year!!
There are some doubles but by my count, there should be 83 models on the 2012 shelf. Not bad for 52 weeks work, especially considering we had the house etc out of commission for about 2 months whilst we did renovations!