Popin! Cookin! Sushi Kit – Intellectual Education Candy

Interesting science experiment for the kids coming out of Japan at the moment


"Popin' Cookin! is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself sushi-candy making kit. Believe it or not, Japanese scientists really have figured out how to mix powder with water to create ultra-realistic looking gummi sushi. This very affordable, and jaw-dropping, product is safe and fun for children and adults of all ages.

All the products in this brilliantly designed intellectual education candy series allow you and your friends to mold and create realistic looking edible sweets.

Definitely a challenging, fun and delicious treat for the young ones – and adults too!

Five Kits Available

  • Obento (Japanese Lunch box) Kit
  • Fun Cake Kit
  • Sushi Kit
  • Candy Kit
  • Ramen Kit"




At $5 per box, could be fun to get to make with Ruby

iRun Social Media Studio


Joseph Tame shows off the “World’s Most Advanced Mobile Social Media Studio” – the iRun – a device he will be wearing as he runs in the 2011 Tokyo Marathon:



The iRun features four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, and Android handset, three mobile Wi Fi routers, a four-in-one atmospheric monitor and a heart monitor – all to record his route round the 26-mile circuit.

A post on Tame’s website states: ‘This technology will allow me to broadcast live video on two cameras (using either skype or FaceTime to a local studio for re-broadcast), send live location/pace/heart rate data via Runkeeperon the iPhone, transmit temperature, COx/humidity/noise levels via a custom-made Android app – and do all of this while looking incredibly cool.’

Tame has admitted some of the features, such as the ‘wind turbine’, really a children’s fan, and ‘satellite dish’ on his helmet, actually a plastic bird-feeding dish, are just for decoration, but the rest of the equipment on the iRun is being used to good effect.

Chinese Gundam part 3

OK, on the old blog before things went futz, I had blogged about the  Gundam ripoff that was erected at a theme park in Chendu, China.


Side by side comparison with the 1:1 RX 78-2 currently on display in Japan


Well it disappeared mysteriously overnight and was then replaced with the following monstrosity

Comparison with the old fake Gundam


Well, the theme park now has added a new twist to their spikey ripoff…it lights up like a Christmas tree

K-On!! Season 3 announced

I watched K-On! seasons 1 and 2 during the Christmas break and I have to say, I absolutely loved it (which I was surprised by)

Anyway, found this via somewhere on the web and I did a little happy dance (noting I dont usually blog about Anime)


"Top moeblob manga K-ON! is to resume in the spring, much to the joy of fans.

The announcement comes in the pages of Manga Time Kirara – further details are promised at a later date.

Naturally, with the nature of the ending there are plenty of questions over what form the continuation will take; if it is to be a chronological continuation a “university chronicle” seems the most likely form. Given the dependence on existing characters an “Azunyan inheritance” scenario seems less likely.

The actual motivation behind the restart is not hard to guess at – more material for a third season, most likely."

Custom Camouflage Gouf (1:144)



Been working on this on and off for a while now….finally finished it up yesterday!!



First attempts at waterslides, adding after market parts and off course, the camouflage!

I was trying to replicate a pattern similar to this:

And I think I came pretty close. Had some serious issues with chipping (refer to arms and feet):


But some hand painting seemed to fix that up!!




Pretty happy with how it came out given the steep learning curve involved!


Now the start on the Gun Cannon to go with this!

Slideshow of the work done so far.