Another ’email’….why me? “Hey Tforsyth, Last week I was helping with your departmental manager to shortlisting some job seekers. He acted race-biased and seemingly excluding candidates belong to Indian heritage. I doubted him the reason, he replied saying this local council asking him to be considering local white Aussie first like you and me, because if we have no job, we will go out and be stealing and robbing people. On the other hand Indian background Aussies are always law-abided and will not be causing error to society even starving. But Tforsyth, this is wrong my friend. Basing out of my experience Indian heritage people are more talented and hard-worked then the local whites always. But for reason before us we are hiring white trash instead! They are maybe hiring Musllims for same reasons, for fear of them turning into terrorrist exploding us only; or hiring Chinnese for same reasons, for fear them turning into communnists spying us only; or hiring Italians so they are too busy to turn into Catholic mafias! But Tforsyth, this is stupid, this is wrong! Sir, Please be fair-acted, from this day on, we should employ people belong to the Indian background only in order to offset the stupid action of our government. Hiring local white may lower crime rate, but it will make Australia stupidier! We need Indian background workers to enlighten us! As for those Musllims, Chinnese or Italian, don’t worry, all needful is to deporting them to where they were from my friend! Ariel Hunter”

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