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Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia

I have been fortunate to travel overseas with my employer a number of times, where I have organised and supervised tours for school groups. Seeing how my students adapt and grow on these trips is inspiring, and I hope to continue to add to the list as the years go on.

Video clips are student-created films, and I’m grateful to the makers for allowing me to post them

Japan 2009Indonesia 2012New Zealand 2014
Japan 2013Indonesia 2014France 2023
Japan 2015Indonesia 2016 
Japan 2017Indonesia 2018 
Japan 2019  
Japan 2024  

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Local Travels.

We have not done much as a family for the last couple of years because of that ‘which shall not be named’.

I will be adding family holiday trips below as I get organised!


Family Christmas Break 2018
Timbertown 2015