I was “hardkore parkored” last night by the kids

Hardkore Parkor is not my original idea but it’s something I introduced to the group to take their minds off the negative sights they may be seeing around them. Parkor is the amazing sport of moving grouch your environment using only your body in one continuous motion without stopping. Leaping from objects and the like!! Hardkore Parkor though is its lame little step cousin where the pathetic is amazing!!

The kids faked an injury last night to burst into my room and hardkore parkor all over the floor, wall and bed. They also left a beng beng in the toilet.

Bastards !!!



Oh look, the volcano has stopped smoking

Just as we got on the plane at Sydney, I was told that the local volcanoes were unmm, smoking which is something they apparently hadn’t done for a while!!
The one outside my window has stopped but the other one still has a haze over it!!


Habitat for Humanity, Bitung

Had the privilege of visiting a refugee relocation camp run by Habitat for Humanity (you know, the guys who build houses). These are Indo refugees,displaced by sectarian violence. We visited two camp sites to see the before and the after. Seeing these people who have lost almost everything smiling and happy with what we in Australia would classify as sub par was humbling. They were so welcoming and open



Mobbed at Mega Mall

Went to visit a mall in Manando after visiting the project. Weird, weird situation as we were the only ‘white’ people in the place so everyone (and I do mean everyone) was staring and pointing at us. Even stranger was the fact that they then would laugh….,piss themselves silly laughing at us.

As we were waiting to leave , we got mobbed by people wanting to shake our hands and take photos. It was really claustrophobic and if this is what famous people go through, I never ever want to be famous!!!