From the ‘town’ of Scarfolk……

Seriously in love with Scarfolk

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“Scarfolk, which is forever locked in the 1970s, is a satire not only of that decade but also of contemporary events. It touches on themes of totalitarianism, suburban life, occultism & religion, school & childhood, as well as social attitudes such as racism and sexism.

Scarfolk was initially presented as a fake blog which purportedly releases artefacts from the town council’s archive. Artefacts include public information literature, out-of-print books, record and cassette sleeves, advertisements, television programme screenshots, household products, and audio and video, many of which suggest brands and imagery recognisable from the period. Additionally, artefacts are usually accompanied by short fictional vignettes which are also presented as factual and introduce residents of Scarfolk. The public information literature often ends with the strapline: “For more information please reread.”


From the Scarfolk Maths book

Scarfolk PSA