No Kids+No Wife=Busy Weekend being Me!

Al and the kids went away for the weekend and the rain finally has stopped so what to do??

Break in my new spray booth of course!!

Thats right…its a double!!


Slowly putting a dent in my backlog of incomplete models


MS08th team Zaku Team Ground War Set (1/144)


Macross Spartan


Base Coat-scratched the hands 🙁

1/144 Geara Dogu (heavily modified version tf)

1/100 Wing Unicorn+(incomplete) stand (version tf)

1/144 Mobile Ghoon

1/144 Heavy Arms (version tf) (with a handpainted 1/144 Jegan behind it…but its ugly and needs fixing!)

1/144 Dowage and Bawoo in the background (primed only as I ran out of time on Sunday as the family came home….)

1/144 Gundam Exia Trans Am Mode + custom stand