Update #2

Finally added in the itinerary (though its a bit of a mess at the moment-should have typed it in instead of scanning the paper version!)
Anyway, schools back tomorrow so I hopefully will start updating this thing a bit more as I get ready for the big trip.

Found the pictures of me opening my Japan books on Christmas Day…bit of a cack really as the expression on my face as I open the books up is a scream!
Dont know if I will post them up though as I don’t want people to see me in my PJ’s!!

Roll on October I say….

First Post…what have I set myself up for?

Hmmm…don’t know if this is a good idea or not.

Setting up a blog 10 months out from a trip smacks of OCD. I had the idea last night about doing this and TA-DAH! Its done.

Preparation for the trip actually started the afternoon after I paid my deposit (around week 7 of Term 4, 2008). I started browsing through the Apple iTunes store looking for Japanese translation software to put on my iPod Touch.
Settled on the Lonely Planet iPod Touch version (link will open in iTunes). Keep in mind this was done the afternoon of making my deposit…the trip wasn’t even 100% confirmed as going ahead yet!!

Roll around Christmas and what do I get for Christmas from my wife?

The Lonely Planet’s “Guide to Japan” and their phrasebook along with Culture Smarts “Essential Guide to Customs and Culture” (I highly recommend this book btw). I have already knocked off the Culture Smart book and the relevant sections of the Lonely Planet Guide. Am thumbing through the phrasebook but I don’t know if I have the mental dedication to trying to learn phrase’s this far out (have other things to do!)

And don’t get me started of the thought process I went through on what to take re clothing to Japan!! Yes, I’m pathetic! (though I know what bag and shoes I’m taking!)

I have decided though that I’m buying one of these for the trip
(linked for later reference)

It’s a portable hard drive with a card reader for my camera.

Hmmm….will buy soonish as I have no money at the moment!

(Link for later reference=http://computers.shop.ebay.com.au/items/Storage-Systems__W0QQ_sacatZ130861)