Day Six

We’re in the big smoke!!! The bullet train to Tokyo was amazing as we finally managed to get up to full speed. Getting to the hotel was an adventure as my memory isn’t as good as it used to be but we made it!! After check in, we went into Akihabara and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves -at least lots of money on gifts appears to have been spent!

Speaking of money, some tourists seem to be struggling with the concept of budgeting eyc so can you please check up with your child as to how they are travelling as what they tell us may be different to what they say to you if asked!! 

My other concern (linked to $$) is that kids are not looking after themselves food wise. Ive already lent money to some to buy food as they are spending it on stuff!!
Good and drink choices throughout the day are also an issue for some so any help from home via a message to your child would be a great help as some of the students are starting to look really tired and I think it’s linked to not drinking water and eating well (we nag but it’s in one ear and out the other!)

All still alive and seem to be having fun so that’s the main thing !!!


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