Its a smelly place with a small friendly town feel!!

Homebase for a couple of days.

Hakka Lesson, a visit to Tamaki Maori Village and two games+ a chance to enjoy a hot spring !

White water rafting was amazing as was the opportunity to learn and understand the meaning behind the all famous hakka. We were very luck to have one of NZ Rugby’s Maori Liaison Officers teach us this wonderful and powerful cultural piece and to understand the meaning and purpose behind the hakka gave our tourists an insight into why it is the symbol of NZ rugby. Having had the privilege to face down the Waiteke hakka, it also put things into context for us.

Update: Games cancelled due to distance (our timing was wrong due to being booked to be in two places at once!) and our third game was cancelled due to the weather (we were kind of caught up in the tail end of a cyclone on the Thursday……fun times to be had in the bus traveling back to Auckland!)



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