OK…decided to try and tackle one of the more iconic and well known Gundam  kits, the MG Sinanju Ver Ka.

Not sure where Im going with it or what is going to eventually look like but its a nice kit so far!


OK….version who knows what of the blog

Have just spent the last couple of days trying to resurrect my blog after my server crashed just before Christmas.

Realised I didn’t have a working backup of the last two years of posts so to say Im a little PO’ed about this is an understatement. Im going spend the next few days though backposting stuff from memory to hopefully fill in some of the gaps but the jump from 2102 to 2015 is quite annoying. At least it made me re-evaluate things and Ive now implemented a few backup systems and am determined to post more as well.

Have got this thing to a place where Im happy with it but it still requires a little tweaking here and there. Oh well, onwards and upwards.
No need to dwell on the past!!

New toy…though not the normal type I get

Am a bit determined to cook more and be more activie in that area this year. Not saying that I dont or cant cook but its not something I relish doing on a daily basis which is a shame as I actually enjoy cooking.

Bought a slow cooker and gave it a test run. Slow cooked lamb then shreded to put into pita bread…I think I can get used to this! 

Next purchase will be a weber family Q… so keen to use one !


Giving our new slow cooker a run. Lamb pita's