Love free wifi

Did I mention I almost got arrested at Manando airport ?? Well, maybe not arrested but I was very nervous when they wanted to search my bag because of a stupid box of toothpaste!!!

At the Sutan Rajah

The hotel we are staying at is amazing !!
Having said that, it’s really obvious that the area we are in has seen better times. The hotel is quite run down; it’s like walking into an abandoned area in some parts.
Killing time at the moment by the pool before we set out for dinner and a walk around the town.

Farewell to Singapore

Sitting at the airport waiting for the flight to manado. Singapore was an interesting place to visit but I’ll be honest , I had an idea in my head of what it would be like and it wasn’t what I thought it would it be like. Colonial influences aside, it wasn’t as ‘bright’ as I thought it would be. Probably need more time to appreciate it more.