Day three overview

Markets ( held once per year?) at one of the local temples. Think Paddington or Glebe but on a massive scale. Such fun seeing the locals out doing their thing and mixing with them. Moved onto the Toei movie studios, one of Japan’s most famous and prolific studios. It had really changed since our last visit in 2009 and it was really crowded so I don’t know how good it was for the kids. 

Last on the list was a suggestion from our ryokan hostess to visit Gion Corner to experience a 1 hour snapshot of traditional Kyoto culture. Highlight for me was the Maiko or apprentice Geisha and their traditional dance. Most kids said they enjoyed the puppetry display. A quick dinner and back home. Best part of the day though was to find out our hostess used to own a kimono shop so she offered to dress the girls up in traditional kimonos, something they had been dying to try but was a but cost prohibitive. I think this will be a memory for them that will last!

Pics here

Flea Market

just discovered the most awesome market located at a temple on the other side of Kyoto station   Reminds me of Paddington or Glebe markets!!


Day 2 in Kyoto

Day 2 Kyoto
First proper day of the tour and we hit the ground running after our slow start. We decided (after consulting our wonderful ryokan hostess) to reorder some of our activities using local knowledge!!

Our first stop was Fushimi Inari, the famous series of Otori gates that wind up the mountain (as seen in memories of a geisha). After a small delay at this sight, we then went to another tour first and visited Nijo Castle which was built in 1603 and is now a UNESCO Heritage site. Last up was Kinkaku-Ji or The Golden Temple. 

Dinner was at a small but busy soba noodle restaurant in uptown Kyoto then we bused back to Kyoto central where I “exposed” the students to the best donuts in the world!!! (I seriously love Mr Donut……)
All are now in bed getting ready for another big day tomorrow!!!

Day 2 

6:30 am and there is lots of movement around the ryokan (side effect of traditional walls!). I think the kids are keen to start!!
Today’s activities include temple visits to three of Kyoto’s main temples and lots of walking and photos!!