Nara-day recap

Okey dokey, a very quick recap of the day as we have a very early start tomorrow. Today was our Nara visit day. Whilst many would consider Kyoto as old Japan, Nara to me is old Japan. We visited one of the cities oldest streets to walk up to one of the main temples. On our way, we saw one of Nara’s best known institutions in action. Mochi making is something that is ‘known’ as a Nara thing and we got to see (and taste) the best!!

After visiting the temple, we decided to go back street hiking as the back streets of Nara are amazing. We then backtracked to the main street to head up to the deer park to see the sacred deer.

The kids picked up dinner at a local supermarket (to ensure they eat!) and trained back to Kyoto. 

Early start tomorrow as we are visiting the Water Pavilion at 6:30 am to get this trip in before we leave for Tokyo at 9:30!!

Kids were good today. Some are looking tired but I think the message about eating and drinking is getting through


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